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Come as You Are

We are all children of GOD, each one of us dearly beloved by Him. The labels the world has placed on us are meaningless here. There is nothing you have been that God has not seen, and there is nothing you have done that could ever change His love for you. 


Be Transformed

In the Lord's service, only the wounded can serve. We are all broken, and in different ways: partly by birth, partly by the will of others, and partly by our own choices. We do not celebrate our brokenness, but our belovedness. We recognize God's desire is to be glorified in each of us as we are made whole by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. 

Be Kind and Compassionate

No one here has a right to judge anyone else. No one is in a position to look down on another. God alone knows each heart. While we must speak the healing words of Scripture to one another, we may only speak difficult truth in love, in order to build each other up, and never to tear anyone down. 

May God help us as we strive to love Him with all our heart, soul, and strength, and to love one another as He loves us!

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